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A few days ago one of my customers called and informed me that he was having trouble with his garage door.  I asked him to describe what the door was doing.  He said that when he hit the button to make the door go up or down the motor would make a noise like it was running but the door was not moving. There are a few things that will keep a garage door from going up or down, but there are only a couple that will keep the door from moving when the motor runs like he described it to me.

I told him that it was probably the gear assembly inside of the motor.

When you hit the button to engage the motor on this type of garage door operator  the motor comes on and turns a worm drive gear which in turn drives a flat sprocket which turns a spindle which engages into the chain that moves the door.  A good portion of the gears, sprockets and spindles in the operator are made of plastic.  Over a period of time the plastic gears will wear out causing them not to engage and drive the chain. I scheduled an appointment with him and went by and took the housing off of the motor to look at the gear assembly for the operator.

Plastic Gear

When I looked inside I saw a pile of white plastic shavings and dust where the flat 3” sprocket teeth had been worn off and deteriorated to the point that it would not drive the spindle to engage into the chain.

I called my garage door contractor that works within my network and described to him what I had seen and he told me that this was a very common problem with garage door operators after a few years of use.  He recommended that the customer have a gear kit replacement performed.

Gear Kit

Now you can either attempt to purchase and replace the gear kit or you can call a qualified service technician to perform it for you. I recommend that you replace all the parts that come with the replacement gear kit while you are in there to avoid having to go back in and replace an additional part in the near future.  Here is a link to a website that will tell you how to purchase and also how to replace this kit.

 I would estimate the level of ability needed to replace this kit on your own at a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10.  The kit costs approximately $25.00+/-.  My Garage door company charges approximately $125.00 to purchase and replace this kit.  It is a well spent amount in my opinion.  I am a fairly capable person and I would choose to have my technician replace mine and have a reliable company that I could fall back on if something went wrong after installation.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to contact me or leave a note in the comments below.

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