Preventative Maintenance Plan

Our Preventative Maintenance Plan is an agreement between you and Home Maintenance Resource. This agreement insures that your home will be inspected every six months by one of our qualified employees.

The agreement includes:

Initial inspection
Initial multipoint maintenance procedure
6 month multipoint maintenance procedure
Property profile
1 year of diagnosis, consultation, contractor referral, negotiated repair pricing
1 year of specific maintenance scheduling
1 year of Access to Customer Service Manager

The Initial Inspection is the first inspection performed by an HMR employee. We’ll perform an inspection similar to what a ¬†licensed home inspector would perform. We’ll note and inform you of any problematic areas that we locate inside and outside your house. We’ll guide you on how to maintain your home more efficiently and help answer any questions you may have along the way.

The 6 months maintenance procedure is another inspection performed by an HMR employee six months after the initial maintenance procedure.

A property profile will be developed for your home. We’ll present you with your property profile to keep you involved with the maintenance of your home.

The year of diagnosis, consultation, contractor referral and negotiated repair pricing gives you access to our resources. Because of our large network of Home Maintenance contracts, we’re able to offer you lower rates for contractors, plumbers, electricians or any other type of assistance you may need for repairs in your home. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing the person who is performing repairs in your home is a qualified, trusted professional because have been approved by HMR.

The year of specific maintenance scheduling includes HVAC, duct cleaning, power washing and any other scheduled maintenance procedures you decide to implement in your home maintenance program.

And lastly, you will be assigned a customer service manager that will be your contact for all of your home repair needs. This person will help with all sort of things, from answering any questions you may have about our program, to walking you through fixing a small maintenance problem on your own, to evaluating a larger issue and assigning a maintenance professional to come fix the problem. With HMR, you’ll always know who to turn to when it comes to home repair.